What is Fragrance?
In chemistry, fragrances are volatile organic compounds. In general, fragrances are a combination of chemicals that intend to impart a pleasant smell. Fragrances can be a blend of natural or synthetic fragrances as well as essential oils.

Are Fragrances Terrible?
Fragrance in skincare has become an extremely touchy topic. Many have become aware of the aftermath of heavily fragranced products and how much damage it can actually cause. Contact dermatitis, eczema flare-ups, allergic reactions, and general irritation are common side effects of fragrance for those who suffer from sensitive skin, allergies, and specific skin conditions. Ideally, for them, the rule of thumb is to totally avoid fragrance.

However, there is a genuine use for fragrance in certain products. Sometimes, just sometimes, formulators add fragrance in products to mask the offensive odour that an ingredient or a formula emits. Yes, chemicals can smell horrendous and nobody wants to use a cream that gives off a rotten smell. Therefore, on occasions like this and when the potency of fragrance is relatively low (refer to the ingredient list), it’s fine for someone with normal and fuss-free skin to give it a shot. Remember, it’s the dose that makes the poison.


By: Ayra Allysa