Throughout the day, all of the makeup, oils, dirts, impurities and other pollutants will accumulate on our face and honestly, it can be quite unbearable. But a warm bath and the perfect cleanser is all needed to wash your stress away. This is why cleansers are the hero of the day. The tricky part is choosing the suitable cleanser for you. The wrong formulation results in an even worse catastrophe. Different cleansers cater to different skin types, that's why it is important for you to understand your skin type first.

Let’s talk about cleansers that suit each skin type, from everything to in between.

Normal skin

You are god’s favorite - your skin will probably love any cleanser. A cleanser formulated for normal skin is more than sufficient enough and if you are feeling extra special, look for ingredients with beneficial properties such as anti-aging or brightening. A cult-favorite would be Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Simple Refreshing Facial Wash.

Dry skin
Your skin is quite sensitive, especially in choosing a cleanser. It is recommended to find a cleanser that won’t strip the natural oil on your face and disturb your skin barrier. Hydrating ingredients such as Allantoin and Panthenol is a bonus. Oatmino Refreshing Cream Cleanser is formulated specifically for people with dry and dehydrated skin.

Oily skin
Your oil factory is a workaholic, sometimes too much. That’s why a face wash that cleanses deeply into your skin and purifies clogged pores will work its magic. Do remember to find ingredients that can regulate your sebum production such as niacinamide and green tea extract. Those with oily skin will totally love Oatellia Exfoliating Gel Cleanser that does not only contain salicylic acid but also contains soothing ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Oatmeal Extract.

Combination skin
Oily in the T-zone, dry in the cheek area - your skin would suit a cleanser that is close for those with dry skin. However, try to find a gentle cleanser that works to remove all the grime and dirt on your face without stripping the skin moisture. Combi-babes will be obsessed with Oatmino Refreshing Cream Cleanser as it is mild but powerful enough to thoroughly cleanse your skin plus with amino acids to retain moisture and protect skin barrier.

Sensitive skin
Your skin needs to be treated kindly, so try to find a cleanser with low pH and gentle surfactant. Redness is common for those with sensitive skin so a cleanser with soothing and hydrating ingredients will fix that issue. As long as it is gentle, mild and doesn't dry out your skin! Do note that there are various types of cleanser, from milky texture to even a foamy one, the options are endless. Understand your skin needs, whether it’s dehydrated or feeling a little bit oily, every skin is different!


By: Aliff Haziq