Despite being the underdog in skincare game, Betaine shouldn’t be underestimated as it brings various benefits to the table. This natural substance derived from sugar beets benefits our skin and hair by increasing hydration, protecting the skin’s natural barrier, and improving hair strength and silkiness. There’s a reason why this ingredient is fully packed in our Oatmino Refreshing Cream Cleanser, comprising 15 different types of amino acids!


a. Balance skin hydration 

You might not know this, but Betaine effectively improves hydration level in your skin using a progression of what we called the osmosis process. It is a process of balancing water within our bodies. For example, if a particular area is dehydrated, this process will allow water into that area to create a balance. An extra advantage of using Betaine is that it is an osmolyte, so its structure enables your skin to attract moisture and maintain cell water balance. Moreover, Betaine can prevent water loss through our skin, thus increasing the hydration status of our skin. Goodbye dry skin, hello dewy skin!


b. Improve skin barrier and soothe irritation

An interesting fact about Betaine is that it is less irritating than pure water! Because of this, Betaine won’t disrupt nor damage your skin barrier; it is gentle and safe. A study also has proven that Betaine contains anti-inflammatory properties hence it will help with skin irritants and reduce harsh reactions from other products. As Betaine is non-irritant, it helps to maintain our natural skin barrier without stripping the necessary proteins. A healthy and strong skin barrier is all you need to achieve that glass skin! 


By : Aliff Haziq