Trendy skincare actives may come and go but amino acids are definitely here to stick around like true keepers! They aren’t just a one-trick pony as they are the essential compounds in all living beings! Interestingly, the human body has 20 types of amino acids and some of them are naturally produced by the body while the others must be obtained through our diet.


a. Restore Skin Hydration

Acting as the building blocks of protein, amino acids also make up the natural moisturizing factors (NMF) of the skin, making it incredibly important especially for people with damaged skin barrier! It also acts as a water-binding agent that maintains the skin's hydration. Truth be told, amino acids might be your next skin BFF if you’re constantly struggling with skin dryness or dehydration!

b. Smoothen Skin Texture

Lack of moisture can tragically affect your skin to be rough and appear somewhat dull and lackluster. However, applying amino acids on top of your skin will help to supply all nourishing benefits and helps to plump up the skin, leaving you with a clearer and smoother complexion!

c. Protect Skin From Free Radicals Damage

Some amino acids also exhibit antioxidant properties where it helps to protect skin from free radicals damage. Free radicals damage can be caused by excessive exposure to the sun, pollution, smoke, and a few more factors. Consistent usage of amino acids may help to neutralize free radicals damage and eventually help to accelerate the skin healing process when your acid mantle is compromised. 


To our skin, amino acids are like flour to a cake. All in all, amino acids truly deserve more recognition considering how crucial they are for our skin health. Just like the vital components of life, they have many potentials to steer your skin in the right direction! And guess what?! Our Oatmino cleanser is fully packed with not just one or two but FIFTEEN different types of amino acids where each has a different function! You definitely don’t want to miss this out, trust us!