When you look at the ocean, do you feel that mysterious feeling? To think there are still many parts of the underwater realm that remain unexplored and undiscovered, we at Yello Skincare personally find that interesting! From being hidden beneath the waves, we bring you the elixir of youth, red algae!

a. Restore Skin Hydration

Red algae is rich with vitamins, phytonutrients and many essential minerals. One significant benefit that can be found from red algae is its outstanding moisture-retaining properties. Accustomed to surviving in the tossing tides, red algae contains polysaccharides which helps to boost hydration and preserve moisture in the skin, making it perfect for people with dry, dehydrated skin!

b. Promote Skin Smoothness

Everybody knows hydration is key to happy, healthy skin! One plus point of hydration is that it indirectly helps to promote skin smoothness and barrier function. Red algae is capable of plumping up the skin, leaving you with smoother and refined complexion. It also helps to enhance skin elasticity, giving you that bouncy, youthful look!

c. Soothe Skin Irritation

Red algae is abundantly packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory bioactive compounds where it helps to repair and correct visible skin damage. It is known to soothe irritation and reduce skin redness as it scavenges free radicals by interrupting radical chain reaction. 

If you are always struggling with skin dehydration, elasticity or inflammation, you definitely need to try red algae! It will definitely be the next skincare buzz in the industry considering how promising it is for your skin health! This is also one of the reasons why we incorporated red algae in our Oatellia cleanser!

By: Aliff Haziq