Let’s Get to Know Me: YELLO SNOWMERIC Hydra-Boost Brightening Serum

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Yello is finally back with an addition to our newly founded supplemental range of skincare products which is the SNOWMERIC Hydra-Boost Brightening Serum. By harnessing the power of science, this brightening-yet-hydrating serum is created with great consideration to cater skin issues concerning hyperpigmentation and hydration.

Texture-wise, our fast-absorbing SNOWMERIC serum comes in a silky, ultra-lightweight colourless gel that feels almost weightless upon application. This product mainly focus on the brightening part but it also comes with several hydrating ingredients to complement the duo functions.zw5x  ninh


Here’s the lineup:

Brightening squad: niacinamide, alpha arbutin, ascorbyl glucoside & white turmeric. Hydrating squad: snow mushroom & sodium hyaluronate.

Bonus point: It also contains beta-glucan and allantoin for soothing purpose.

*Psst, we will dedicate a detailed post for every each of these ingredients later. Stay tuned!

So you get the idea. With SNOWMERIC serum, you get to brighten-and-hydrate while soothing the skin. To a certain degree, some brightening agents can be a little bit drying and irritating to the skin hence why our founder chose to pair these ingredients as they work amazingly well altogether.

Brightening? Definitely!

Hydrating? Checked!

Soothing? We gotchuu!

So this is like… killing two birds with one stone?

Well yeah, except that we’re saving your skin with one serum :)


So how do you incorporate it into your routine?

Always follow the rule of thumb: from the lightest to the heaviest consistency of formula.

Since our SNOWMERIC serum is designed to be very lightweight, you can use it right after cleansing or your toning step. Just don’t forget to seal it in with a moisturiser, alright? Also, you can use it at any time of the day but make sure to wear a sunscreen in the AM. Always.


What’s up with the packaging?

To further enhance the stability of this serum and preserve the formula (as it contains ascorbyl glucoside), our founder chose an airless, opaque packaging that comes with a pump. This way, our SNOWMERIC serum can lasts a little bit longer so you won’t have to worry about product oxidation. The packaging material of this product is plastic where it is designed to be conveniently portable so you can toss the serum straight inside your carry-on and bring it safely on the plane. This way, your skin can look fabulous even when you’re travelling to the other side of the world. Do note that our SNOWMERIC serum is best used within 6 months of opening!


Who is it for?

Our SNOWMERIC serum is generally safe for all skin types but if you’re obsessed with brightening products that can offer hydration and soothing benefits at the same time, this is worth a try! It’s also fragrance-free and no bad alcohols are included in our formulation so our sensitive skin #YelloFello can check this out too!


Sounds promising? Step up your brightening-and-hydrating game today with our SNOWMERIC serum!


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