Ingredient Series : Alpha Arbutin

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This powerful complexion-brightening enhancer needs no introduction already in the beauty community. Performance-wise, Alpha Arbutin is quite similar to hydroquinone (one of the most controversial skin-lightening ingredients)—but without the side effects or risks. 

Our serum is formulated with 2% Alpha Arbutin that generally causes little to no irritation and it is a great active to indulge in especially if you recently jump on the skincare bandwagon. 

  1. Melanin-Inhibiting Properties. 

Alpha Arbutin is a strong tyrosinase inhibitor that interferes with an enzyme activity to produce melanin or pigment in the skin. It works by slowly releasing hydroquinone through hydrolysis which blocks tyrosinase activity. By doing so, it helps to slow down melanin production from the very start and so, minimize pigmentations. This ingredient is especially beneficial for treating dark acne marks, age spots and discolouration. In order to maximize the skin-brightening properties, Alpha Arbutin is best paired with vitamin C and niacinamide (which is also included in our magical serum!) to further maximize the skin-brightening effect. 

A one-month skin lightening study is conducted to compare the performance of several skin brighteners. As seen in the picture below, alpha arbutin is more efficient than kojic acid, beta-arbutin and hydroquinone. Plus, it’s safe too!


*This clinical data is provided through our third party lab vendors.

Of course, the skin-brightening effect does not occur overnight and the results might take weeks to months to start to kick in so just like any other skincare product, you have to be patient and stick to your regimen. Alpha Arbutin could be your skin saviour but patience is ALWAYS key to seeing the results you want!

By: Nur Ariffa (ig: @ehhariffa)

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