Ingredient Series : Tremella Fuciformis (Snow Mushroom) Extract

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Have you heard of this incredible youth-preserving ingredient? If you haven’t, please add this to your routine and let me tell you why! This ingredient is extracted from snow mushroom and it has been widely cultivated for Chinese medicine and cuisine since long ago. However, snow mushroom recently gains popularity in the beauty industry because it exhibits anti-ageing benefits with an excellent hydrating effect on the skin. Let’s get more into it!

  1. Deliver Deep, Long-Lasting Hydration.

Snow mushroom contains high water holding capacity that helps to attract and retain moisture as much as possible. With its gelatinous structure and high concentration of polysaccharide, it works by generating a naturally thin flexible film that helps to restore hydration and prevent moisture from escaping. Since snow mushroom has a smaller molecular size compared to hyaluronic acid, it can penetrate deeper into the skin to create a maximum surge of hydration that supports the skin’s protective lipid barrier. Remember this: a stronger lipid barrier equals healthier skin. 

  1. Accelerate Wound Healing. 

Snow mushroom is an antioxidant-filled fungus that is abundantly packed with skin-saving vitamins. This is particularly useful to rejuvenate and heal the epidermal layer of the skin. It contains a high source of Vitamin D that neutralise free radicals reaction and regenerate cell growth that aids in alleviating skin abrasions and wound healing. If you are constantly dealing with breakouts, you might want to assist the healing of your acne lesions with snow mushroom-based products. 

  1. Anti-Ageing Benefits. 

Since the topical application of snow mushroom provides intense hydration to the skin, it simultaneously works to deliver anti-ageing benefits by boosting your collagen production. Collagen helps other proteins to support cell structure and delays visible signs of ageing for plumper, smoother looking skin.


 By: Nur Ariffa (ig: @ehhariffa)

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