Ingredient Series : Niacinamide

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Niacinamide is an active form of Vitamin B3 which is also known as a brilliant all-rounder skin multitasker that delivers multiple skin benefits without further aggravating the skin. A lot of skin experts swear by niacinamide and it’s used as the key ingredient in our newly-launched Hydra-Boost Brightening Serum! So let’s learn about what makes this ingredient deserve all the praise.

a. Reinforcement Of Barrier-Reparation.

Studies have shown that even as little amount as 2% niacinamide is potentially effective as an antioxidant that can improve our skin barrier. How so? When applied topically, it promotes the synthesis of our skin’s natural moisturizing factors such as free fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides which in turns helps to boost a long-term improvement to your barrier-repair mechanism. Niacinamide has also been proven to decrease trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) that reflects the integrity of your skin barrier as your first line defence mechanism. 

*This clinical data is provided through our third party lab vendors.

As seen from the above data, as low as 2% niacinamide is capable to decrease TEWL and normalize the balancing of free fatty acids and ceramides in the skin. So just imagine the skin goodness you can get with not only 2% but 5% niacinamide that has been infused into our magical serum. With 5% niacinamide in it, it’s bye-bye to the damaged skin barrier!

b. Inhibition Of Melanin Transfer. 

For topical application, niacinamide has been clinically demonstrated to effectively treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations (PIH) without causing skin irritation. With 5% niacinamide, this serum works by inhibiting melanin pigment from surfacing on the skin and thereby rebalances skin tone and prevents discolouration from forming. Niacinamide 4-5% performs excellently to inhibit melanin transfer and reduce hyperpigmentation. This is extremely helpful for people who just recovered from acne breakouts and with consistent usage, you can prevent the nasty PIH marks from developing on your skin. 

Again, please bear in mind that Niacinamide only prevents pigment from transferring. It does not inhibit melanin production like other brightening ingredients. In terms of skin-brightening properties, niacinamide works best as prevention and in the case of existing dark spots, it’s best to pair niacinamide with other powerful skin brightening ingredients such as arbutin and vitamin C. Lucky for you, these two skin-brighteners are also included in this serum but we’ll explain that in a separate post! *wink wink*

c. Sebum-Regulating Properties. 

Since niacinamide is well-tolerated by sensitive skin, it is religiously used by skincare enthusiasts for its sebum-regulating properties that indirectly reduces the appearance of pores even at low topical concentrations of 2% to 4%. With consistent usage, niacinamide has also been reported to help with acne breakouts due to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties. These sebum-regulating properties will be especially beneficial for someone with oily, acne-prone skin. However, please bear in mind that niacinamide is not a replacement for your prescribed acne treatment and is by no means, all-in-one acne cure but of course, it will help to a certain degree!

Since you’re still reading, I believe we’ve caught your attention on the main skin benefits from niacinamide that our promising Hydra-Boost Brightening Serum can deliver. So, are you phenomenally excited to incorporate this serum into your routine? Because we sure are!

By: Nur Ariffa (ig: @ehhariffa) 

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