Ingredient Series : Ascorbyl Glucoside

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What’s a brightening serum without one of the best-ever Vitamin C derivatives to pair with? Ascorbyl glucoside is a water-soluble derivative form of Vitamin C to enhance skin radiance and increase skin-protection. Our ascorbyl glucoside is a superstar ingredient that has been stabilized with glucose as the combination allows maximum benefits of Vitamin C to be safely delivered to the skin. We have all the nerdy details for you beauty enthusiasts, just read ahead!


a) Fading Hyperpigmentations.

A study shows that ascorbyl glucoside exhibits superior stability against degradation and it can penetrate deeply into the skin layer. After skin penetration, ascorbyl glucoside is slowly converted into L-ascorbic acid and suppress melanin synthesis that eventually helps to fade skin pigmentation from acne blemishes. It also possesses the ability to reduce the amount of pre-existing melanin that beautifully brightens the skin without irritation. Ascorbyl glucoside works better when it is paired with other skin brighteners so we highly recommend this serum to literally everyone especially beginners who are constantly dealing with post-blemish, hyperpigmentation issues.

b) Collagen-Boosting Properties.

As we age, collagen synthesis will decline gradually and increase disorganized dermal tissue arrangement that contributes to uninvited fine lines and wrinkles. Due to this reason, it’s always good to incorporate a topical Vitamin C product that helps to boost the collagen synthesis in the skin. Once ascorbyl glucoside decomposed into ascorbic acid, it works as a coenzyme for enzymes involved in stimulating collagen synthesis over a prolonged time period and therefore plumps up the skin and reduces the appearance of skin ageing for youthful-looking skin.

c) Antioxidant-Protection Properties.

Oxygen radicals from excessive exposure to the UV rays and other external daily aggressors can cause skin damage. To reverse this problem, it’s good to incorporate a potent antioxidant in your daytime routine to boost your skin health. Studies show that ascorbyl glucoside exhibits the ability to scavenge free-radicals and dispose of existing toxic oxidants. By doing so, it helps to dramatically reduce inflammation, skin roughness and generally improve our skin health. And psst, ascorbyl glucoside is an effective antioxidant that works superbly to boost sun protection when it is used with a sunscreen of choice in your AM routine. Experts agree that it’s one of the best combos to prevent skin ageing so what are you waiting for? The sooner the better!

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