About Us

About Us

Yello Skincare is 100% committed to become a transparent local beauty brand in offering safe, effective skincare products. Our products are safely formulated with high-performances actives, supported by recent clinical studies. We aim to help people achieve healthier-looking skin so we do not compromise on the quality and safety of our products.

Our products are created to cater for all skin types—normal, oily, dry, combination & even sensitive skin.


Our Founders

Partners in life and in business, Nur Amalina and Megat Muhsin founded Yello Skincare back in August 2016. Back then, Amalina was struggling with acne for almost five years before she managed to clear up her breakouts with one powerful root—turmeric. Inspired by the idea, they created a business with hope to help others who are also struggling with acne. It all started with one handcrafted product—Oatmeal Turmeric Mask Scrub (OTMS) but now, Yello is currently embarking on a manufacturing journey to ensure our upcoming products are in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.